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Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum



The Museum Research facility houses a collection of old Launceston Marine Board and Port of Launceston Authority records as well as a collection of old Hobart Marine Board records.

The facility also has a substantial photograph collection most of which have been digitized.

The substantial book collection is also of great value to those researching maritime and general history

In addition to the material listed below there are other useful collections such as old marine board wharf, jetty and river model drawings, admiralty charts, maps, vessel and dredge drawings, soundings and many other historical records which are in the process of being indexed.

As the research facility is not manned on a regular basis researchers are advised to make an appointment.
Normal hours are 10 am until 4 pm.


Our main MOSAIC database contains a catalogue of all objects in the museum including framed artworks and our library collection. The amount of information on each entry varies. Entry into the database is an ongoing project.

Card Indexes

These indexes are now digitized.
Cards contain references to the log books and some other sources.
There are three groups of records.
1. Vessels
2. People
3. Subject

Log Books

The original marine board log books are held by the Archives Office of Tasmania in Hobart.
Digitized copies are available for viewing in our research facility.

Photograph Collection

Series 1 - Albums containing 3400 photographs. All digitized.
Series 2 – Sixty albums containing 1760 photographs which are digitized.
Series 3 - Albums containing 170 A3 size photographs which are digitized.
Series 4 - A digital only series.
Series 5 - Collection of framed photographs and paintings which are all digitized.
Series 6 - Chandler Ships. A collection of digitized ships collected by member Ron Chandler.
Series 7 - Collection of slides showing maritime history of the Tamar River which have been digitized.

Newspaper Clippings

Clippings of articles associated with the Tamar River. (1880 until 1970’s)
This collection is in the process of being digitized.

School Records

Collection of Low Head School records from 1875 to 1922. (not complete set)


Our extensive library has an excellent collection of books on both maritime and general history. Includes Lloyd’s Shipping Registers, Tasmanian Government Gazettes and a collection of Government Statutes.
Books are catalogued and entered on our main database which has an excellent search facility.

Hobart Marine Board Records

We have a large collection of these records which include the following sets:
1. Lighthouse Accounts - 1884 t0 1914.
2. Leading Lights - 1915 to 1925.
3. Hobart Marine Board Vouchers - 1920 - 1956.
4. Hobart Marine Board Harbour Trust Accounts -1882 to 1919.


A small collection of microfilms are available for searching and they consist of the following:
1. Port Officer’s Log and Letter Books 1840 to 1858.
2. Marine Board Meetings 1857 to 1922.
3. Assortment of other films, microfiche and videos including CSO records of the Arthur/Franklin period and the Van Diemens Land Blue Books (Financial Statements) 1822 to 1854.


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