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10am to 4pm daily
Closed Xmas Day

399 Low Head Road
Low Head
Tasmania 7253

Phone: 03 63821143



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Low Head Pilot Station Maritime Museum


The Restored Foghorn

Manufactured by Chance Bros., Birmingham, England and installed in April 1929.

In 2001 Parks and Wildlife Service together with the Low Head Progress and Heritage Association restored the full system which contains a type G diaphone and a Gardner Engine to full operating condition.

The now fully restored system is believed to be the only fully operational type G system left in the world.

This system is operated at noon on most Sundays throughout the year by a keen group of volunteers who maintain the Fog Horn.

Further information including technical details can be found on the following links:

Foghorn Site No 1

Foghorn Site No 2

Come and visit the Low Head Foghorn and hear the 'roar of a thousand elephants' at noon every Sunday.

The Foghorn Sound

Two Gardner Model 2 DCR engines were originally used to drive the compressor to pressurize the air receivers. One has been restored and can be viewed at the Low Head Foghorn.

The Gardner Engine


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