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Ponrabbel II

The Ponrabbel II was the dredge that operated in the Tamar River from the 1920s until the 1970s. The Port of Launceston authority was determined that as many ships as possible should berth at wharves close to the city centre.  Attempts to move the port further down the river were stoutly resisted.  The Ponrabbel II was used to dredge the channel near Launceston. As larger ships were brought into the Tamar some strategic rocks in the Tamar were blasted and removed by the Ponrabbel II to improve navigation.

The Ponrabbel II was also used in the building of the Bell Bay berthing facilities.


One of the two steam engines is housed in a shed close to the main museum building.

Restoration is taking place and it is planned to restore it to a working model.


Type of Vessel: TS Bucket Dredge.
Date Built:  1916.
Builder: Ferguson Bros. Ltd., Glasgow.
Dead Weight: 457 tons.
Length:  155ft 3in.
Breadth: 34ft 2in.
Owner: Marine Board of Launceston, Tasmania.
Engines: 2 X 2 cyl  15in & 30in X 21in.
Engine Builder: Ferguson Bros Ltd., Glasgow.
Built under the supervision of surveyors in accordance with the rules and regulations of Lloyd’s Registry of Shipping.


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